Balance Your Daily Life…..Breathe…

Many of our lives are awash in contradictions, in our relationships, families, careers, values, and experiences in our universe. “Peace of mind” is easier said than done. We pursue psychotherapy, yoga, tai chi, massage, acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, exercise, and many additional modalities in the name of peace, health, and happiness. Balance is created from our understanding of our daily choices and their effects on the people around us and on ourselves. The power of give and take, the power of “letting go”, the power of allowing ourselves to be wrong and to be right without destroying our own “Brand X” innate healing intuition.
Body balancing is reflected physically, emotionally and spiritually. Try having an argument while balancing on one leg. It is difficult because our energy is working toward not falling over. Our breath is the tool that allows our body to stop and to feel the healing of the oxygen flowing through all our cells. Creating a gateway for acceptance and release of all powers of healing….allowing the universal powers to create healing solutions.  BREATHE…Let it Go…


Stress Management: Long Week for Florida Residents

After a week of weather stress and political election stress, we are all ready for some cortisol reduction and stress management.  Your body is a complex system of checks and balances, helping you balance the multiple demands of every day living. Your hypothalamus (at the base of your brain) sets off an alarm when you encounter a stressful moment.  This response prompts your adrenal glands (above your kidneys) to release a surge of hormones including cortisol and adrenaline. The cortisol alters the immune system responses , also affecting digestion,reproduction, and growth processes.  Adrenaline increases your heart rate, boosts your energy and compromises your immune system. Suddenly your fight or flight reaction does not always have an off button, creating a need for stress management.

Acupuncture, Aromatouch massage, foot reflexology as well as a daily essential oils protocol are  wonderful tools to help with stress reduction and improved physical health.  These natural remedies are helpful for:  depression, anxiety, headaches, sleep, weight gain, memory, digestion…… other words, AWESOME FOR BODY BALANCING!!!  




Adrenal & Thyroid Health

Greetings from Dr. Brenda,  Attending advanced training on adrenal & thyroid today in Tampa, Florida.  Stress affects our endocrine wellness, which depletes our body from stressors:  environmental, psychosocial, physiological, and biological.  Coping with stress is continual and dynamic.  The mind (brain), endocrine system, nervous system, and immune system are constantly communicating with each other….trying to adjust to the complexity of our daily lives. Acupuncture, nutritional supplements & tonics, and essential oils are tools to help our bodies remain in homeostasis.  We are constantly balancing our cortisol and adrenal hormones as our world sends us more and more to deal with…WOW!  Reviewing the actions and uses of Standard Process Nutritionals, whole food vitamins, cultivated in Palmyra, Wisconsin on organic farms.  Have visited this company twice over the years and have always been impressed by the science and ethics of this company.

Aroma massage and Essentail Oils

Over the past four months, I have been on an amazing learning journey with Essential Oils, “gift of the earth”. For the past thirty years, I have used a number of different oils in my healing sessions with patients. The high quality of healing with these oils is demonstrated in a wonderful therapeutic technique, Aroma massage, a massage technique between thirty and forty-five minutes of pure bliss. In Chinese Medicine, the channels along the spine on the back are identified as back shu points. These points represent the organs of the body and when treated, these points are able to help balance the body back to homeostasis.

This technique is a simple step-by-step method of applying therapeutic oils to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience. The benefits of this oil treatment includes stress management, immune support, inflammation response, and bringing the body to homeostasis. After completing a special training in Aroma massage, I realized that this balancing treatment was an awesome addition to my wellness regimen on a personal basis. My goal for 2014 is to have an Aromatouch treatment weekly and to blog about the changes that I see, both emotionally and physically.

My healing with aromatouch started on March 6th and all I can say is WOW. The massage technique, the amazing oils, the body balancing, the sense of calm must be experienced personally to understand the impact. There is a therapeutic benefit to giving and to receiving. The health benefits and peace and calm are fantastic…more to come.

Dr. Brenda

Demonstration of Galvanic Spa on Blab TV 189 Comcast November 24th at 8:30PM

I have been invited by Bobbi Hicks, a wedding and party planner, to demonstrate the fabulous Nuskin Galvanic Spa, a home care device to stop the aging enzyme on your face. A great home care system to create younger, youthful skin with a true radiance!

Watch Alicia, Bonnie and Dr. Brenda have fun with this fantastic product!

Acupunture is a great healer!!!

Today, I treated a variety of medical conditions with acupuncutre…an awesome healing tool that never ceases to amaze me. The age range of patients included a twenty year old and an eighty-eight year old. The medical conditions included asthme, severe allergies, parkinson disease, bel palsy, neuropathy, and emphysema. The treatments were relaxing and the majority of patients fell asleep during their sessions. Also, performed ear candling today to remove wax build up for a client….their wife remarked that her “husband could hear much better and that she did not have to yell as loud.”

On a personal note, I am doing my best to continue walking at six in the morning daily to “practice what I preach”. Certainly exercise and movement are a key to continued health. Always feel better after I exercise…not always while I am exercising. Know the feeling?

Wishing all my friends a Happy Turkey Day filled with laughter and relaxation. Dr. Brenda